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How to Get More Views for Your Music Videos

Updated: Oct 18


By Joe Gracia

Hello Freddy,

I know you are interested in getting more views for your videos and getting more visitors to your website.

I will explain how to do that in this post.

Saving your videos on your Wix account isn't viable

Wix only gives you a limited amount of space for videos on your account plan. If you go over that space limit they will want you to upgrade your account for a higher fee. It's not worth it for the few videos you could put in your wix account.

And if you are concerned about people copying your video, anyone with a little knowledge can do that easily. But why would they?

If you are afraid of them sharing your music videos on their websites, that is actually a good thing. I will explain shortly.

YouTube.com is the second most common place for people to store their videos

You already have a youtube.com account with one video on it. You can store as many videos on your youtube account as you like.

It is easy to organize them, access them and to embed them on your website. It is perfect for your needs.

You can get blues fans to subscribe to your youtube channel so they will be alerted every time you add another video.

Then they will see the links to your website under the video gaining you more and more visitors to your website.

YouTube is the second most visited website on the web.

(Billions of videos are seen there.)

By storing your blues-related videos on youtube you will have a better chance of more and more people discovering your videos. That means more and more traffic to your website -- and that is definitely what you want.

As more people find your videos, they will learn about Fast Freddy and the Blue Lava Blues Band. They will tell their friends. Under the video we will promote your website and give them Reasons Why they should visit.

When they visit your website they will be exposed to your background info and your galleries and videos.

They will also be exposed to your CDs for sale as well as you Show Dates page to find out where you are playing. All good things.

I'm not saying that you will get thousands of visitors or sales, but today it's all about attracting more and more visitors to your youtube channel and your website -- not less visitors.

The more people you attract, the more opportunities you will have for new blues fans and future bookings on Maui.

The goal is NOT to stay hidden on the web. The goal is to become as well-known as possible on the web, especially on Maui and in Kihei.

MORE VISITORS is the name of the game.

People who share your blues youtube videos on their websites are exposing you and the band to more and more potential fans and buyers. That's a good thing.

Why it's a good thing if people want to share your Blue Lava videos on their websites

I wouldn't worry about people stealing your videos. You WANT people to promote your videos on their websites.

That means you may reach new fans, that you wouldn't otherwise have gotten.

The more people who see your videos, the more chances you have for getting the word out about Fast Freddy and the Blue Lava Blues Band.

The goal is NEVER to remain invisible and unknown.

It's all about growing 'exposure' to more and more blues fans. You want as many fans as you can possibly get.

Why you want your videos to be single-song videos

Many of your current videos from the Coffee Attic performances are long, 2-hour videos.

Most people won't sit through a video that long, they will skip it. Plus, with one long video you only have ONE chance for someone to watch and listen to your music.

When you break your videos into individual songs, you then have multiple opportunities to attract blues fans to multiple video songs of yours to listen to.

Here is a typical link to a popular song by the Everly Brothers. It is 2:23 long. Very short.

Click here to listen to Bye Bye Love by the Everly Brothers

One video, one song. It has gotten over 10 million views. Don't you wish you could get 10 million views?

On the right side of the screen next to your youtube video, you will see a list of their other single song videos of their popular hits. Now fans can read through the list of song titles and click on the ones they want to hear.

By saving the songs as individual videos they have many more chances of fans finding the group name (Everly Brothers) as well as the name of the individual song (Bye Bye Love).

That results in more fans watching and listening to more of your videos. That is the way the game of online marketing is won. More short videos means more video views. That means more visitors to your website.

What works for the Everly Brothers, will also work for Fast Freddy and the Blue Lava Blues Band.

Here's another example.

Click to listen to Travelin Man by Ricky Nelson

I have to admit that I don't even know the titles of any of the songs that you have on your videos.


Because the song titles are NOT in the title of the video. And it should be.

One-Song videos will give you a long list of videos for you to post making you look like a prolific and popular band.

I hope that makes sense to you and you begin creating one-song videos of your songs. (Just have me or someone else edit the long videos into one-song videos for you.)

Just have your video person send the videos to me and I will edit them and put them on your yourtube channel, with everything you need.

If I do it, I will put title slides on each video using the neon logo I created for you. Along with the name of the song.

Ask your video visitors to sign up to your youtube channel

I will also ask viewers to sign up to your youtube channel to be notified when you upload a new video.

Why? Because the goal is to continuously grow your blues fan base. The bigger your fan list, the more visits you can get to your website, and hopefully some of them will want to buy your CDs.


Question 1: Do you have the User Name and Password for your current youtube channel?

Question 2: Do you want me to edit your videos into multiple, single-song videos to quickly grow a catalog of song videos by Fast Freddy and the Blue Lava Blues Band?

Question 3: If you want me to do the video editing work for you, please have your video person WE Transfer the file(s) to me at givetoget@charter.net

As always, I appreciate your business.

Joe Gracia

Hi-BAR Business

A Subsidiary of Effective Business Systems, LLC

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