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About Hi-BAR Business

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Joe and Maria Gracia are a husband-wife team dedicated to helping you start and/or grow your small to medium-sized business through website design, social media, graphic design and writing services. When you use Joe and Maria's services, you can be assured each will be done efficiently, with a keen eye on increased prospects, customers, and sales, in a timely manner, and at an affordable price.


Joe, a marketing and management expert of over 30 years, has made his clients millions of dollars in increased sales and profits with his unique small business marketing strategies and techniques. He has a degree in Marketing and Advertising Design, along with a background in broadcast media and graphic design.

After receiving his degree in Marketing and Advertising Design in 1976, Joe entered broadcast media; first with Public Television (PBS), and then, with both ABC and CBS television affiliates.  As an advertising designer and then Director of Advertising Design for 14 years, Joe learned some tremendous marketing lessons by working with hundrends of small business owners on their marketing strategies and advertising.


Creates Effective Business Systems LLC

In 1990 Joe left broadcasting to start Effective Business Systems LLC, his own successful marketing and management consulting company.

Co-Creates the Get Organized Now! Web site
In 1997 Joe and his wife, Maria, brought their business and marketing experience to the Internet by co-creating the Get Organized Now! website. 

Creates Give to Get Marketing
On October 1, 2000, Joe founded a new company division called Give to Get Marketing. His Give to Get Marketing website is designed to educate small business owners in a wide variety of marketing principles including effective strategies and proven marketing systems. 


Creates Hi-BAR Business

Hi-Bar Business is an offshoot of Effective Business Systems LLC, specializing in web design, social media services, and custom business projects all designed to help small business clients increase their clicks, sign-ups, appointments, new clients, sales and profits.

Maria, an organizational expert of over 25 years, works with people all over the world through her website, helping people get organized, manage their time wisely, and meet their goals.

She has over a million people per year visiting her organizing web site and a huge social media presence. Maria is the self-published author of 13 organizing books and courses that are sold and read worldwide. She has a background in marketing, management, writing, organizing strategies, web design and maintenance, and social media creation and maintenance.

Maria is a very active member of her community. In addition to her business, she also teaches fitness classes at the Watertown and Oconomowoc YMCAs and the Watertown Park and Rec. She's a board member for the Educational Foundation of Watertown, WI, heavily involved in their website and social media presence. She also coordinates the volunteers for the huge annual community Watertown Jig Jog 5K.

Maria worked as a marketing, management and organizational specialist for Nielsen Media Research in New York, NY for 10 years before teaming up with Joe. They work together beautifully and complement each other extremely well, which means you're ensured complete, well-thought out, effective results.

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