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If you don’t have a strong Social Media presence, you are missing out on a huge potential market for your business; that means lost customers and sales 

 Hi-BAR Package #1

3-Step Social Media Package
Set Up and Populate Your 3 Most Appropriate Social Media Platforms

Step 1: We help you decide the 3 most relevant social media platforms for your business

Step 2: We will set up  and design those 3 social media accounts for you

Step 3: We will populate your 3 social media sites with "starter content"

PRICE: Our "3-Step Social Media Package" is a one-time payment of $299

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Note: If you would like just 1 or 2 social media platforms, we can easily customize your package. Just Contact Us.

 Hi-BAR Package #2

Daily Social Media Posts
The key to success with your social media accounts is consistent and frequent posts to keep your followers engaged and build their interest in your business, products and services


  • We will write and create "daily social media posts" to your best social media platform(s)

  • We will respond to social media comments from prospects and customers

  • We will inform you of comments needing special attention

  • We will also establish engagement and conversation strategies

PRICE: Our “Daily Social Media Package" is $99 per month for one social media platform (No long-term contracts)

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